From Aetheria Relaxation Spa 07/07/07

"It’s been about seven months since I hired Media Invasion to help me redesign the web site for Aetheria Relaxation Spa. I should have taken a moment to write you earlier to thank you for the wonderful job you did."

"Not only did you design an elegant, beautiful and clean web site that conveys the image and feeling I want Aetheria to project to prospective spa-goers, but you designed something easy for me to maintain myself, resolving one of my key requirements for the redesign. Over the last seven months, I’ve come to fully appreciate this element of the new site. It’s one of my primary marketing goals to update the site every month to offer specials for the current season, as well as creating new pages that only our clients and subscribers can link to through an email newsletter each month. This would’ve been an enormous undertaking for me had you not simplified the design. You’ve made my job easier, and that’s always helpful to an entrepreneur. I really appreciate it."

"Being located in Fairfield County, I have to compete with numerous spas in the area, some of which are much larger, offer more variety of services and are more established than Aetheria. Yet, at least two or three times a week, people comment to me about how much they like the web site’s peaceful images and clean delivery of information. I feel Aetheria’s online image puts us on a par, at least, with “the big boys”, if not exceeding them in some way."

"Perhaps it’s best that I didn’t write sooner. I now have seven months of web traffic data to review and can report that my traffic has increased over the previous iteration of the site’s design. Of course, many factors could play a role here, but I’m comfortable in assuming a large percentage of that increased traffic (and therefore increased business!) is due to your talents and the more inviting nature of Aetheria’s Web site."

"Again, thank you for your time and effort. If you need any referrals or if your prospective clients would like to speak to me, I’m happy to share my thoughts about your work in more detail."


Elizabeth Gans
Aetheria Relaxation Spa


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Flat rate web site packages:

Web Basic - $995.00

  • 1 custom Photoshop design
  • Revisions and usability testing
  • HTML Template coding
  • Up to 10 pages (content supplied)
  • Search engine optimization
  • Site migration to live status

Web Advanced - $1,495.00

  • 3 custom Photoshop design's
  • HTML Template coding
  • Revisions and usability testing
  • Up to 20 pages (content supplied)
  • Java scripting
  • Flash (up to 3 hours of custom code)
  • Search engine optimization
  • Site migration to live status

* All flat rate prices are based on all content being supplied and proofed by client and sent electronically for insertion into an HTML format